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Narita Dream Dairy Farm is a sightseeing ranch located in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, which boasts an area of about 300 thousand square meters of farm land (equal to approx. seven Tokyo Domes combined.)
Since 1887 Narita Dream Dairy Farm has strived to go above and beyond to produce the freshest and best-tasting milk, for customers and visitors alike.
We are a highly-integrated farm outfit, producing our own ice cream and yogurt. Visitors can see first-hand the process and the care that goes into creating Narita Dream dairy products.

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※December, January, February: Open weekdays from 10:00~16:00
Weekends/holidays from 9:30~17:00



Duck Race
Duck racing “Yoh?ii?don (Ready, go!)” Chase after the ducks, see if you can beat them to the finish line!
Milking experience Twice a day, at 11:30 and at 14:30, we provide brief lectures on milking cows. You’ll get a chance to actually milk the cows too! Try out your newly-gained milking skills on our lovely cows.
Riding horse or Riding pony
Pony rides Our staff gently guide the pony along for safe, enjoyable riding! This is especially popular among small children.

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Restaurant of Glasshouse

Glass house

This unique glass-encased restaurant is filled with sunshine. You can enjoy eating under the blue sky, without leaving the restaurant! The surrounding nature makes the locally-prepared food all the more appetizing. Children’s menu available. We’re sure you’ll find something to please everyone at the Glass House restaurant. Please be sure to stop by our snack counter, and to get a taste of our exquisite soft cream.

Restaurant of Glasshouse
Restaurant of Glasshouse
Restaurant of Glasshouse
Restaurant of Glasshouse
Restaurant of Glasshouse
Restaurant of Glasshouse

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730 Nagi, Narita-City, Chiba, 289-0111

TEL:+81 0476 96 1001

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